Our Mission

The Community of Mary, Mother of Mercy is an organization for Catholic laity and senior priests who support one another through prayer and friendship in living as disciples of Jesus. The Community’s members are committed to living as faithful Catholics and developing a closer relationship with God by prayer and the works of mercy. We are dedicated to following the example of Mary, Mother of Mercy, in her life of faith, love, prayer, and service. The Community of Mary, Mother of Mercy’s mission is to pray for all priests, and to offer senior priests assistance by our prayers and service, supporting them in their vocation, while they support us by their prayers and spiritual fatherhood.

Our ministry includes:

  1. Praying for all priests.
  2. Visiting priests in nursing homes, assisting living facilities, and hospitals.
  3. Working to establish residences for senior priests who would like to share a home with other priests.
  4. Supporting senior priests in remaining active in their ministry by assisting them in praying the Divine Office and assisting them when they celebrate Mass.
  5. Providing assistance to senior priests with daily activities such as meals and transportation.
  6. Informing people about supporting priests’ vocations and the needs of senior priests.
  7. Offering retreats, sponsoring liturgies, and other spiritual activities.
  8. Forming small, Catholic communities of faith affiliated with the Community of Mary to assist us in our mission.
  9. Instructing people about the Catholic Church’s teachings on love, mercy, and kindness to the sick and older adults.

Proclaiming the Gospel of Life

We see our ministry to priests as part of our commitment as Catholics to bringing about a culture of life. Kindness to the sick and older adults is an important aspect of the Church’s pro-life teachings, as Saint John Paul II taught in Evangelium Vitae. Members of the Community of Mary, Mother of Mercy are encouraged and assist their relatives and friends who are sick, and to volunteer in pastoral care ministry in their parishes.

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